Entry #1

hia guys

2008-07-05 13:00:04 by benandben11

everyone who visits my user page write here


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2008-07-05 16:44:18

So ok... hmm... I don't know I should write... hmmm... Hello!

benandben11 responds:

the only reason i put this is coz i av nothing better to do and anyway how do you know this addy and also gimme yo mom


2008-07-05 18:24:34

hi eveyone just write what you like man i couldnt care less what is said yo me


2008-07-14 13:55:53

Hi. Dont copy my "life has a tendance to come back and bite you in the ass."

benandben11 responds:

i didnt would you like me to change it or summat